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The District Ferozepur is situated at India Pakistan border, at the east side Faridkot district, Moga district and at the south side Muktsar District is situated. On the north east the River Sutlej generally separates it from the FIROZPUR and Kapurthala districts and on the south west side the Fazilka district touches the boundaries of Ferozepur. The united stream of the Sutlej and Beas generally separates it from the Amritsar district in the north-west, and farther down from the Pakistan with the exception of some areas on each side of the river.

Start your tour to visit in Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara. It was constructed to honour the 21 Sikh sol-diers who belonged to the 36th Sikh Regiment. The soldiers died while defending the Fort Saragarhi on 12th September 1897 in Wazirstan. It was constructed by the Army Authorities.The Pothimala Building, built under the supervision of Guru Jiwan Mal in 1745, is situated in the Guruharsahai Village. The building has beautiful wood carvings on the walls as well as on the ceilings. This site is famous for the Annual Mela, when worshippers can see Guru Nanak’s padam, topi, pothi and mala. Last you visit in Harike Wildlife Sanctuary. The Harike Wildlife Sanctuary is also known as the 'Hari-ke-Pattan'. It is located at the confluence of River Sutlej and River Beas, along the Ferozepur-Amritsar border. The site stretches over an area of about 86 sq km and was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1999. This sanctuary is home to many birds. Around 375 bird species can be seen in the sanctuary. During the migratory season, tra-vellers can spot around 45,000 ducks. Other animals like the jungle cat, Indian wild boar, common mon-goose, smooth Indian otter and jackal can also be spotted here. Tourists can see 27 different species of fish and 7 breeds of turtles in this sanctuary.

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